NC State Fair

We had our annual trip to the state fair and it was a blast! This was the first year that Griffin actually could know what was going on and he loved all the fun things he saw!!

He was so proud to wear his new "boots" like Daddy did :)

There were lots of animals to see. He made all the noises to copy them ha!

A really funny ventriloquist....

Griffin thought so too!

The petting zoo... actually more of a feeding area.

Such a big boy!
he wasnt scared AT all and fed them all carrots

His first fair ride- the carousel!

helicopters with Daddy
and cars with Mommy

Carter's treat!

Griffin thought Daddy's giant turkey leg was hilarious...
Daddy thought it was um um good :)

Team Isham

We were joined later in the night by some of our sweet friends!
All the dudes

and all the ladies with Mr Adorable :)

Great great memories made!

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