Griffin is 18 months old!

It is so hard to believe that our sweet Griffin is 18 months old! We had his 18 month check up today at the doctor and he weighs 24 lbs 14 oz (35%) and is 32 3/4 inches (60%). He unfortunately had to have his last round of vaccines and they made him very sad... but we were thankful for a healthy report! He definitely knows whats going on at the doctor when we go now and so I was doing everything I could to keep him calm and talk to him about what was going to happen. Much to my dismay, as we were waiting in the waiting room a little boy came up to him and appeared to be going to give him a hug, but instead grabbed two handfuls of Griffin's hair instead. It was AWFUL! Griffin screamed bloody murder and I sat there shocked before trying to pry the boys' hands off him. What a way to stay calm huh? ha

This time last year Griffin was just a little guy! Wow how times flies... He is such a big boy now!

We are having so much fun these days in "toddler" world. Griffin is ALL boy.. the dirtier the better! And of course loves his sweets :)

He is also obsessed with tractors and had his day made last weekend when he got to sit on one for the first time! We can ride down the road and he will spot a "ractor" a mile away and yell!

His favorite book to read is the Bible. Of course this makes his mommy and daddy proud, but he genuinely loves to read it. He always wants to take his own Bible into church too. We read it OFTEN!

His love for "futball" has continued to grow! Again, we love football so we are thankful he does too but we had no idea how much he would love it at such an early age. He wants to throw the ball anytime he sees it and will also sit and watch a game when its on TV. We definitely have an athlete on our hands too.. he has great hands!!

He recently got his first car!

He has mastered the "Cheese!"

He really enjoys his Sunday school class and his favorite part is to paint!

Anytime I have the camera out he gives me this!

He has a pretty good appetite and will eat just about anything... good example as he bites on a lime :)

He is all about feeding himself and spaghetti is one of his favorite meals!

We love you so much little boy and are so proud to call you our son! You bring so much joy to our lives every single day and although we spend most of our time chasing you these days... we wouldnt trade it for the world. God has truly blessed us!

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