Loving some October!

Sorry I have been MIA lately.. our home internet has been down and so therefore no blogging for me! I am so excited it is finally October though with the cooler temperatures and all of the other fun things fall brings! Yesterday Griffin and I both put on our sweatshirts and loved being cozy! This picture cracks me up of him. First of all he is just a big CHEESE ha! Also, the sweatshirt, which he is thrilled over since it has a ball on it, those chubby little legs and the fact that he reads himself books these days!
Last week brought nothing but rain to us, so we enjoyed days inside playing. Jonathan came over on Friday to hang out and I always love capturing pictures of these two buddies together.

taking a ride on the giraffe

and sharing secrets with each other :)

Saturday mornings are Griffin and Daddy make pancakes day!

Griffin is always thrilled when Daddy sets him on the counter so he can help. Love that excitement on his face!

We also straightened up the garage and found Griffin's tricycle so Daddy put it together and he loved it. He calls is his bike and although he cant pedal just yet, he loves climbing on it.

We have been getting things to put in Griffin's big boy room and of course you would guess he wanted anything with "BALLS!" I found this rug on clearance at Target and thought it was perfect. Here he is seeing it for the first time!

And I kid you not, he went back and forth for about 10 minutes pointing to all the balls :) Needless to say I think he approved!

Speaking of balls, the other night when I was making dinner I let Griffin go out on our screened in porch to play. The next thing I knew, he had taken all his balls outside and displayed them on this bookshelf. Never did I mention to do this or had he seen us do it before... he came up with it totally on his own!! He is definitely proud of his prized possessions!

Our Sunday School theme for this week was "Jesus is my hero." Here are some of the boys and G wearing their tshirts. He still LOVES being in the big boy class by the way. He plays and plays and doesnt even cry when I leave!

And last but not least here is Mr. Cool Dude. He was sporting Ashley's sunglasses when we went to pick him up from the James family household after our date night.
Oh that boy :)

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