Griffin LOVES his Mimi and Potts!

Mimi and Potts made their annual Fall visit with us and we were so excited to have them. Griffin is getting really good at entertaining our guests these days and it was so sweet that every morning when he woke up he said, "Mimi, Potts?" wandering if they were still there. They arrived Saturday afternoon and we were thrilled to be able to bring them to our church's fall festival with us. JR had worked very hard, as this was his first event to put on for the community and it all went VERY well!

Sunday was Mimi's birthday so between church services we took her to her favorite (and mine too!) the Red Lobster! I love having her here with us to celebrate her special day and it means the world to me that she always asks to come and see us as her one wish. Love you Mimi :)
Monday we went on a spoiling spree... of course what are great grandparents for?? We are so thankful for all that Griffin was given as it was definitely a blessing! My favorites would have to be his new balance shoes and his new big boy bedding. More on the new room soon!
Thank you Mimi and Potts for making the trip to come and visit us! We always cherish our time together!!!

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