Youth Camp 2010

We had the wonderful opportunity of attending our church's youth camp this year! I was so thankful that they let Griffin and I come too, as it was definitely a blessing to us. JR was one of the male counselors and loved being with the guys. It was a great time for us to get to know people a LOT better :)

Here is the whole crew- 60 students and 30 adults made for quite a large crew!

I was so grateful that my sister Rachel got to go with us! She had a great time getting to meet new people and I of course loved having her with me!!

It was in Myrtle Beach so Griffin felt like he was on vacation ha! He loved playing in the sand!!!

And he found himself a little girlfriend. Isnt is adorable that they held hands and posed???

We did so many fun things during the week. We had a group sand castle building competition. Here is JR and his team.

We also had a Murder Mystery Night. Here are the pastor friends JR and Jacob.

Rachel, me, Ashley and Stacey

We played LOTS of water games

tug of war

But the most important part of the week was studying God's word. Our theme for the week was Romans 12:2-BE TRANSFORMED

There was an awesome band- Justin Teseniar and his crew

Also a wonderful speaker- Jonge Tate
It was such a blessing to watch our students be washed in the Word and learning more about Jesus. I loved being a part of this week and hope that it will be an annual thing for our family!!

This picture of course has nothing to do with anything but I just thought it was cute :)

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