Weekend with Amy and Jackson

We were so excited to get to spend a weekend with our sweet friends Amy and Jackson this past weekend. They are our dearest friends that we met at seminary and when they moved back to TN it was very sad for us... so we were so grateful for more time together.

Griffin scoped out his new domain and found a new favorite hiding place behind the curtains. Here he is saying, "BOO!" It was so fun to watch the boys chase each other in and out of these saying boo boo boo to each other :)

Uncle JR had to get in some good rough and tough boy time with Jack.. it had been awhile!

They both are very into books these days so JR loved being able to read to them.

bath time in Granna's giant tub!

Griffin felt like he was in heaven with all the bubbles

Jack's favorite a part was to dump water on Griffin's head ha!

We headed to the splashpad Friday so the boys could enjoy the water. It was so hot that they were glad to be in it... Daddy included!

Griffin had a blast running through all of the sprinklers. I love watching his face!

It was Jack's first time at a splashpad so it took him a little longer to jump in. He was so funny standing on the side taking it all in!

JR decided he would get them both and let them experience.....

a BIG splash together :)

having a snack while learning how to share the grapes-tough lesson to learn!

I love you my friend! SO thankful we can always pick up where we left off. We had so much fun!!!

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