Relaxing weekend

JR and I had a much needed relaxing weekend! Friday night we had date night, went out to dinner and watched a movie. Saturday I had a softball game then we went to hang out with some friends to play horseshoes (Not going to say who the winner was, but lets just say she was the only girl playing and her name begins with an "L" haha). Then we came back to the house and had our first attempts at some of our favorite recipes: banana pudding and homemade salsa. Both turned out delicious and we will be enjoying them all week :) Sunday we went to church and then took a nice long nap! Then I got up and had more cooking time in the kitchen preparing for our week. Recently we decided that we would use Sundays as our prep days to get food ready for the rest of the week. I made a pasta, meatloaf, salad and tons of veggies that should last us at least a couple of days haha! I would recommend trying this if you havent, it really makes getting food ready after work a lot easier!!! I spent the rest of my Sunday in front of the monogram machine and now have some aprons and keychains to show for it :) Oh how I love relaxing weekends at home!!!


Shannon said...

A monogram machine? How fun! I want more details!

Lance and Cindy said...

Hey there Lindsey! Could I possibly see some photos of these wonderful new projects you have done??? :) Thanks, Dear!