My husband the hiking man

JR has made two trips to the Smokey Mountains to hike parts of the Appalachian trail in the last 3 weeks. This is no doubt his favorite past time. He loves being outdoors in God's creation and the challenge he has to complete each hike. The first time he went he had Steve Graham with him (our friend Richmond's dad) and this last time he was by himself. He comes back with many stories of other hikers, a bear that he ran into, and of course lots of pictures of amazing views that he sees. I am glad that JR found time to go since he is so busy during school and this is not an option. I am even more glad that he realizes that this is a fun time for he and friends.... Lindsey is not going hahah. I camped with him one night before he took off on the trail, and lets just say sleeping in gravel when it is 60 degrees is not my cup of tea :) Good job sweetie! I am so proud of you.

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Denira Baird Williams said...

is that the chimney tops in the first picture??? That's my fav. place in the mountains!