Jen and Dave Booth

Tomorrow I am headed to Florida for the Booth's big day!! Jen was a friend right from the start when I began to work here at Southeastern. She is also an admin assistant and her office is right beside mine, so need less to say we have spent a lot of time together. Her and Dave met in undergrad at Liberty and will be getting married in Friday. Me and our other co-worker Leigh are flying out tomorrow to be there for her special day. It has been fun to go through all of the wedding planning with her and now see that her big day is finally here. No doubt she will be a gorgeous bride. I was lucky enough to get to already see her in the dress for the bridal shots.... boy did we have fun that day! On the road again... but wouldnt miss it for the world!!!


Jenn and Chris Looney said...

Wait... so you posted pics of the bride in her dress a whole two days before the wedding?? Hope the groom doesn't check your blog :)

Jeremy and Lacy said...

Where in Fl are coming! Hope that you have a great time!!