Countdown to game day

Six weeks and counting!!! Yes I know it may seem crazy, but I have been looking forward to September 8th ever since the last game of the season :) Tennessee football is so exciting for JR and I, especially this year because we officially have our own seats. Check out this view we will have... Z12, row 44. Yea baby!!

My family has raised me to be a UT fan since I was a little. We even take our family pictures in all orange :) I know, I know...
My brother Tyler is still there as a student holding down the Griffin tradition. And I would put some good money on it that as long as UT gives my other brother Mason a good enough golf scholarship, he will be there as well in 2 years!

The first home game will also hopefully become a tradition for my sorority sisters and I starting this year. We are having our very first Phi Mu alumni tailgate and from what I can tell we are going to have lots of old friends join together with us. We are still working on all of the logistics for this to take place but as usual I am the master planner so we shall see how that goes :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my good ole Rocky Top Days! My blood will always be orange... AND I will always be that obnoxious girl jumping up and down every time she hears Rocky Top and singing as loud as she can :) Its great to be a Tennessee Vol!!!

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Denira Baird Williams said...

Gotta love those Vols!