The heartache of breakups

I am beginning to think that God has prepared me to counsel those who are going through breakups by allowing JR and I to experience our fair share of them in our dating life. Just recently I have been talking to several friends and my sweet brother about life after a break up and what happens next. It is so weird for me to think back to JR and I's breakups and needless to say I dont like re-living those memories, and JR sure as heck doesnt! Why are there times that there is nothing really wrong with the relationship and yet someone still wants out? What seems to be a perfect relationship one day, the next day can turn into a disaster. I can tell you from experience that God uses each of these experiences to help you grow. He wants you to rely on Him, trust Him, know that it is about His timing, and believe that He truly knows what is best for you. I did my far share of not nice things to JR while we were dating and am ashamed to admit them honestly. However, I can without a doubt say that I would not change what happened FOR THE WORLD! Men- know that you can NOT make your women love you. Women- know that you cannot have your cake and eat it too!. (And of course vice versa) Oh the lessons that we learn and continue to learn throughout life. Marriage is a never ending session of lessons to be learned, that is definitely what I have learned in last 10 months. It is also a tremendous gift from God. I cannot believe there is a way I can love my husband more today than I did yesterday, the day we married, the first few months of us dating.... but oh how I do :)

(Just for fun I have included a picture of JR and I back in 1998!)


Tabitha said...

Geez, I remember those days girl. But JD and I always told you that yall would end up together and live happily ever after!!! Love yall!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

I agree with Tabitha, everyone knew you would end up together! I am so glad that two of you are so happy together. Keep Christ the center of your marriage and it will always continue grow better and better everyday!!