The ABCs of US

This being our 15th Valentines together, and we never have really bought into the commercialism of making it about spending lots of money, I saw this idea and thought I’d recount “us” in a creative way. I love you more than words can say but don’t always get the chance to communicate why so here ya go My Valentine…


A- Being with you is an adventure! You enjoy hiking, camping and all things outdoor and we have picked up and drastically changed our lives twice now in 7 years. My seatbelt of trust is buckled, although a lot of the time I am going with my eyes closed saying, “Why are you making me do this?!?”

B- You never let me doubt how beautiful you think I am, telling me just about every day (even when I haven't showered or put on normal clothes and we know its not really true).

C- Carter James has been our wild child and taught us both much about patience in 2 years!

D- Daddy is a title that you hold up highly and I honestly couldn’t ever ask for a better father to our children. You let them know you love them always and even get in on the dirty work too to help out!

E- Every day you make sure to make your life count.

F- The “flip”… do you remember the first way you told me you loved me? I do Smile

G- Griffin Jonah, the little boy who made us a Mommy and a Daddy AND who looks at you as his hero.

H- Our first house. I loved making a family with you on Rookwood Ct!

I- Isham, the name you gave me, that I reluctantly took on saying it was too hard to say but that has become so very important to me.

J- Of course it seems cliché, but in our relationship without Jesus there would be nothing. He is in all things for us and you always put Him first in our family’s life.

K- Our first kiss on the church bus in high school and how you STILL tell everyone today that I made the move. Riiiight!

L- Laughter continues to keep us sane in the craziness of parenthood.

M- Something that I didn’t realize I was signing up for when I said yes was ministry, however now I know its when you shine the most and I love when we get to do it together.

N- Never is a strong word, but you’ve truly never given up on me. Through dating and married life struggles, you’ve always been the one who has fought for us.

O- One of your favorite sayings, “Its okay to not be okay, but its not okay to stay not okay.” So thankful that you take the time necessary to work out anything along the way.

P-Passionate about everything that’s important to you! Definitely one of my favorite traits about you.

Q- Quiet is okay for us. We don’t have to be doing anything or even saying anything, but just being together is all we need.

R- You are the most romantic man I know and always love to surprise me!

S- You will do whatever it takes to sacrifice yourself for our family, even waking up at 4am for your first of two jobs to provide for us financially.

T- You trust God. Like for real, all the time and live it out before our family. And its so encouraging to see!

U- Your love is unconditional. There are more times than not that I don’t deserve your love for me daily and yet you still freely give it to me.

V- Valentine’s Day for us is really all year long. You don’t wait for one special day to tell me how much you love me.

W- A record rainfall wedding that went down in the history books. Yes rain is a sign of blessing and on that day and everyday we have truly been blessed!

X- A new word for us this year Xcellerate. You love to share your story with others about Jesus and see how He radically changes their lives too.

Y- Your touch, whether a hug, kiss or snuggling together. It really makes everything worth it in a day.

Z- You no doubt have zest for life and it overflows to everyone who is around you!


I love all of these things about you, and even more actually. As I usually find myself saying, “And I thought I loved you then,” continues to be true even after 15 Valentine’s together! I love you, JR Isham. So blessed to call you mine!

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