Happy birthday Carter James!

carter is two
Today you are 2! Life for you these days consists of:
  • -wearing size 4 diapers but you often ask to potty so hopefully they will be gone SOON!
  • size 6 shoes… and you are obsessed with always having shoes on
  • 24 month clothes (pants a little big and shirts a little too small with your Buda belly
  • LOVE your Bubby. The first thing you do when you wake up is ask where he is and you follow him around all day
  • very in to superheros, specifically Batman and Hulk
  • favorite foods are: poptarts, cherrios, macaroni, spaghetti, green beans
  • Milk boy! You can drink it all day long if I let you
  • Napping from 2-4 (if I’m lucky)
  • go to bed at 8pm and still wake up several times at night
  • You also take awhile to wake up. Most of the time you're in a bad mood when you first get up and need alone time
  • you are a screamer! If you don’t get your way… its not good!
  • You are great at sharing. As long as your brother doesn’t take things away from you and instead asks for you to share, you always do
  • You think you are a big boy. Anytime you are with your brother and his friends, you also would rather play with the big boys
  • You still love your Mommy but have become a Daddy’s boy too
  • You are a sweater
  • you love popsicles and candy and think you have to have one after every meal
  • you can count to 20 and sing your ABC’s… you miss 15 and 16 almost every time though
  • You are our little stinker boy and we love you dearly!!!

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