Blessed at 30!

Today I am celebrating the BIG 3-0 and all I can keep saying to myself is, “I am blessed!” Although I used to think thirty sounded SO old, I’ll have to say that I am honestly happier than I’ve ever been so I am welcoming 30 gladly!
Back when I was 20 if you would have asked me, “What do you hope to say about your life at 30?” I would have said without hesitation, “I want to be a wife and mommy!” I know it doesn’t sound like much and especially in the world today. I don’t have a successful career to account for, a big house to show off, the latest sports car, but what I do have means more to me than any and ALL of those things!
Its big years like this though that always make me step back and just think about life. Recently when thinking about my thirty years so far here on earth I keep asking, “Am I making my life count?” What do I want for my next 30 years and what have I done with these first 30 years?”
I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and that I fall more in love with daily, 2 little boys that make me laugh, cry and enjoy the little things in life, the daughter I’ve always dreamed of growing inside of me, a family who always supports me and still spoils me, friends from every stage of my life that are always there for me, a roof over my head, all the food and clothes I need AND most of all God’s incredible love and purpose for my life. I am so incredibly grateful that Jesus has opened my eyes to what truly matters in this life at 30 because I would hate nothing more than waking up at 80 only to then see and then realize I had wasted my time He had given me. My life story is that because of Christ’s love for me, I am who I am today, and I am truly blessed.
These past few Sundays our pastor has been speaking on this idea that all we acquire in this life is truly His anyways, and we are simply managing the little bit of time and money that He’s entrusted us with. Wow… is that crazy to think on or what? I mean all this “stuff” that we think we need to have or need to do, does it really matter? And because we have no clue how much time we really have, will we truly make it count?
Although I fail daily, and even hourly, I truly want my life to be about sharing Jesus’ love with everyone I know and being the best wife and mom that I possibly can. If in my next 30 years the truth of Proverbs 31 is said about me then I will consider my life truly blessed. “ Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also and he praises her, saying, “Many daughters have done nobly but you excel them all.”
Yes I could spend my life saying, what if I only had more money, house, clothes, etc, etc, etc, OR I can choose to be content with what God has given me and simply realize that He is truly all I need. This past year He has proved to me more times than one, He will supply all my needs and most of my wants too! I’m so thankful… and I’m truly blessed!
Ok off my soapbox for now… and I truly cant thank those who love me enough for all of the ways they have encouraged and supported me through these past 30 years. I know that I have been molded by each of you and I can only hope that each of you know how much I truly love you! I am blessed… I am blessed….I AM BLESSED!!

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