Fun Fall Weekend!

We were so happy to have Daddy home with us on Thursday! It was a pretty day outside and we took a nice long walk downtown and then came back and Griffin practiced driving his new car. Well really Daddy pushed the gas AND steered and G was just along for the ride.

We were itching to watch some football on Friday so we headed to a local high school game. I continued to be amazed at how into G is. He watched the football wherever it was and pretended to tackle JR each time he saw them tackle... making a "boom"!

It got a bit chilly so I was thankful Griffin finally agreed to wear his gloves. They had freaked him out a bit every other time.. but because Daddy had his on, he decided he could too.

cheesing with Mommy

dancing around Saturday morning with a bowl on his head while Daddy was cooking breakfast!

We went to Brandon and Caroline's engagement party on Saturday. JR will be officiating the wedding (his FIRST!) in March and we are very excited for them. We have really gotten to know them lately because we have been doing their premarital counseling every week... yes very crazy to me that after 4 years we have wisdom to give but we thankfully we know God does!

We headed to the Messersmith's house to carve some pumpkins that night. It started out well.. Griffin helping Daddy cut open the pumpkin.

Then it all went downhill when we put his hands in to pull out the goo.....

Daddy continued to work hard though and created this power T masterpiece for us!

Smiling with our pumpkins

We went to a wedding on Halloween day! No it wasnt Halloween themed, just two wonderful people very ready to be married and that was the only time their beautiful venue was available. Congrats to Rachel and Justin... FINALLY :)

Griffin really enjoyed their candy bar

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! This was about as festive as we got considering Griffin is TERRIFIED of costumes this year. We had one for him, even tried to borrow a friends and nothing but fear! Oh well... maybe next year!

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