Craft and Bake Sale

THIS Saturday is SEBTS Craft and Bake Sale. Although I will not be setting up a table as I have done in the past, my gracious friend Beth is allowing me to display my burp cloths at hers. The burp cloths are $5 and I am available to customize them as well for an additional $3. I'll have some cards there so just email me! Or if you see this and are needing some just email me at justlindseycreations@gmail.com. I can also embroider other things for $5 an item!
It feels so good to be back at it again. It is definitely my therapy but after having Griffin and then my computer crashing to where I couldnt get my embroidery software off of it.... it has sadly been a YEAR since I have done anything. So thankful to have it back though, I mean Carter HAS to have some personalized things too :)

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