Less than 6 weeks!

I have been slacking with my baby updates these past few weeks. It could be from the chaos of our two brothers getting married, or the prep for Griffin 's upcoming birthday or if I'm honest I'm just exhausted.  Yes its the third pregnancy and I'm nearing the end but its really hard for me to rest and not be my normal busy body.

This past Sunday I started having braxton hicks that just turned out to be annoying stomach ligament stretching.  Who knew after 2 babies my belly would need to stretch MORE?!? I called the doctor on Monday and the nurse said,  "Honey you need to slow down and rest." I laughed, did she not just hear me say I have two small children? :)

Anyway,  we are on the less than six weeks countdown now! The csection is scheduled for Tuesday,  May 28 @ 8am!! My hormones are raring to go and I keep going back and forth from, "holy cow I'm really having a daughter soon" to trying to soak up the normalness of life with just two. I'm ready for her to stop bruising my rib cage and get out... and then I can't grasp how our whole family 's world is about to change!

Acid reflux and back aches are proving to make it difficult to get a good nights sleep but melatonin has really helped! Weight gain has been steady, now at 16 lbs, and I love getting the "oh you look so small" comments, especially since this is the I feel HUGE stage :)

40 more days to bake Miss Lexi Grace!!

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