Happy 30th birthday, Katie!

katies 30th

I have truly been blessed by this girl for the last 12 years and am so lucky to call her my best friend. From spring breaks, date parties, All Sings to formals, serving as president and vice-pres for Phi Mu, 21st birthdays in Vegas, rommies together for 3 years, candlelights and maids of honor in each other’s weddings, moves to Pittsburg, Atlanta and Raleigh and now big girl world of being wives and mommies. we have been through a LOT!

I love reminiscing on all our fun memories together through pictures and laugh at the many different times each one brings up. I still remember first meeting this horse loving, cheerleader girl from Shelbyville as a freshman at UT and thinking, how could we ever be such great friends since we seemed so different. She is the most sincere, thoughtful and caring girl and I am so blessed that our friendship has made it through the many different stages and miles apart we’ve been over these past years since graduating.

I love ya Farrar, and am so thankful for you! Here’s to many many more years of friendship! Happiest 30 birthday to YOU!

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