Much anticipation!

Today is our big day to find out the gender of baby #3! I honestly feel like we’ve been waiting FOREVER and in fact it is 3 weeks longer than I’ve had to wait for the other two. I am always eager to know boy or girl, not because it really matters which one, but instead it makes your pregnancy more personal and I LOVE calling my babies by name!

This time seems to present even more anticipation for some reason! The fact that we will REALLY be an all boy team from here on or if there is a small chance we will add in some pink… I don’t know! Its been so fun to prepare Griffin for today as well. Last night on the drive home I said, “Griffin, did you know the doctors are going to tell us girl or boy tomorrow?” And he without hesitation says, “But Mommy, I’ve already told you it’s a BABY GIRL!” Very funny for me because I would have never guessed he would say he wanted a sister or was even thinking that way, however, he has not waivered for the last few months on his guess.

Carter also chimed in with girl last night just before bed. As I was putting them to bed I asked, “Carter, do you think baby girl or baby boy?” And sure enough he said girl.

Both of the boys responses just make me laugh because the whole time I see JR in the background just sweating! He told our small group last night that come 3:00 tomorrow his whole world could change haha! He is definitely excited at the possibility but I know once the reality sets in if its true then he will feel his shoulders weighed down with worry!

And of course all of this is to say nothing at all because it could very well be our Hudson Judah we’ve been praying for too! In all honesty, if this momma had to guess I’d say 10% chance of a girl (only because this pregnancy has been SO different) and about 90% that I’ll always be a momma to boys! Which I am of course perfectly fine with Smile

Either way check back later tonight and we will have the big reveal!

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