Instagram Update


I’m often using instagram for my pictures these days but I have to remember to blog them too! Here is Carter boy practicing his big brother skills in nursery. He was very sweet and wanted to “hold the baby.”


Speaking of little big brother, can you believe he will be 2 in 10 days?!? Whew party planning mode in full force and this boy is in full stinker mode too!


Griffin has taken up the new love of dressing himself lately. His favorite are “comfortable clothes,” but today was EXTRA special. Cowboy boots AND shades on just to go run errands. He’s so cool.


Cool in more ways than that too. His teacher tells me that all the girls are fighting over who gets to sit by him in class. And this little girl was the one he chose to be his, “best buddy.” At playtime they are running around holding hands and then almost instantly he decides he is done and runs as far from her as he can (while she chases after him.) Oh that boy is already a heartbreaker!


Both of these silly boys are very into hide and seek. Tonight this was the special hiding spot they chose Smile

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