Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

I knew with all the hype of gender reveals these days that I definitely wanted to do something special for our 3rd baby. I not only wanted to be able to have a moment with the boys so they could really understand instead of just laying on the ultrasound bed. but I also wanted to get JR’s reaction if in fact we did see PINK! I am SO lucky to have such a sweet friend who is also an amazing photographer and she made the idea come to life!

We had planned to do the photos at the park, but it poured rain all day, very much like our wedding day actually ha! So without further ado…





Pure shock from Daddy


Haha look at your face, Daddy! (he was in a fog)


Hugs and tears from Mommy!


Oh my gosh is that REALLY pink?!?!


Boys what do you think?


We are SO excited!


Daddy’s little sweatheart



I told you so, Daddy!


We were right…. HAHA!


Oh Mommy, I’m so happy!



There are really no words!


Can this really be true?


Needless to say we were OVERJOYED! Our family has truly been blessed by God’s goodness to us and this sweet girl is really like the cherry on top! I honestly have dreamed of having a little girl since I was a young girl. I even have had her named since I was in the 4th grade. It is still very surreal that SHE is actually on her way and I think it will continue to hit us all along the way.

The boys weren't surprised at all because of course they’ve said it’s a girl the whole time. Daddy and Mommy on the other hand, our guess was all boy! JR really was the sweetest though and said, “It is all worth it to see you this happy, but this is really gonna rock my world!” He knows he is already wrapped around her finger ha!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared in our excitement. We were overwhelmed by your love, support, and even those guys who are loving being able to kid JR know Smile


thanks a million to eye am sam photography! She is amazing and if you need pictures you definitely need to check her out!

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Kim said...

How fun that you captured this... I love it! And yes, she will be wrapped around his finger quickly! My heart melts when I see Josh and Lil interact. Congratulations!!!