Update on Advent Activities

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Unfortunately the flu hit our house right in the midst of all of our planned Christmas activities and so a few of them were unable to happen. Instead of a parade and Christmas party with extended family we stayed home and had movie days. We did get to go to a live nativity play before the sickness came and Griffin really enjoyed that!

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Now that were are all done with the flu we have picked back up with our RACK’d activities and so on Monday we headed to the post office to share treats with the workers there. Here is my child who (almost) always does what I ask and is all smiles ready to deliver the cookies.

2012-12-10 11.02.13

And here is my other child who is crazy and never does what I ask doesn’t like to share the cookies. Let me set this up for you: It’s the busiest I have EVER seen with over 15 people inside waiting in line. We have our mail that needs to be sent as well as 2 bags of cookies. Well Carter asks for one bag and proceeds to throw himself in the floor when I tell him that he cannot open it. Again remember post office, much like the library, where everyone is hardly saying anything and add this tantrum. Then, after I thought he had given it up, Griffin and I walk up to the counter for our turn and hand the man his cookies. I look back and Carter is laying on his belly in the front of the line kicking and flailing his arms in silence. The worker looks at him, then at me and says, “I didn’t want to come to the post office today either!” At this point all I can do is laugh and say nothing. After we are done I go over and have to drag him out because he has now become a limp noodle that is now screaming bloody murder again. These are the moments of motherhood I’m not so fond of!

2012-12-12 13.35.12

Luckily the kid redeemed himself and was extra polite the next day taking the lady at the chiropractic office her cookies AND adding “Merry Christmas” with a hug! Oh that boy Smile

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