There are no words!

As we look into 2013 and the ministry that God has called us, we had to start asking the question for how we would be provided for financially. The support we had previously raised would last us until April, and then what? Well today we found out that NAMB (North American Mission Board) was no longer giving a stipend for 2nd year church planters unless you are in a big city, and well Knoxville is not a big enough city. So they $1,000 a month we were planning on was no longer an option. So one door closes.

After a conversation with our pastor and realizing that no promising options were out there we simply said, “Well we know He will provide somehow.” A few hours laster we received news that a door was opened, and not only for next year but that we would get more financially starting October 2012. As a church planting intern we will now receive $1,000 from NAMB instead of only $400.

Tears stream down my face as I have no words for how grateful we are. Now almost halfway through this pregnancy we have also started getting our bills from the doctor for my care. The back pay we will receive is EXACTLY what our bill is. Coincidence? I know its not!

Once again, we are humbled by God’s constant provision for our family and stand amazed at His faithfulness. No its not everything we will need but a heck of a good start in getting there. Thank you Jesus!

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Kim said...

I could share 100 stories with you about how God provided us while we were planting our church here! And we had many exact amount situations... God is just so faithful and good! I'm so happy that He did not make you worry long, especially with a baby on the way. I still hope to get down there soon!