Anna Ruth came to visit!

We were so thankful to have the Davis’s stop by on their way into town to visit with us. Anna Ruth had grown so much since I had seen her last, and as always I love seeing my sweet friend as a Mommy!
Griffin and Carter were mesmerized by how small she was and yet how much noise she made. Haha kidding.. she was really good but they were just not used to the little noises of an infant.
I cherish our friendship Mish and am so thankful for our many phone conversations that have allowed us to remain so close all these years! Funny story that I havent even told you yet….
Right after yall left, Griffin said, “that wasn’t fun!” I asked him what he meant and he said, “to have the baby here crying.” Of course I am laughing inside because it was no big deal to me since I am used to all of the infant stuff and again she really was good! I told him that soon we would have another baby in our home and what was he going to do when it cried. “I guess I’ll feed it an orange!” Oh gees I am in for it hahaha!
Thanks for your visit! We love yall Smile

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