Pinterest Inspired me to do it myself!

It is no secret around our house that I am a Pinterest addict. It is the most amazing website for all things crafty, along with so much more! I love browsing their DIY (do it yourself) section to see what I might could actually do myself!

I have posted before about the birth stats art I have been doing but just wanted to share a few pictures of some orders that I've had. Can I tell you how excited I get to see people putting these up in their homes?!?!

 This was not a birth stats obviously but one very dear to my heart. This is Harrison, who is the 10 year old son of one of JR's favorite seminary professors. If you follow the blog you remember me asking you to pray for him because he was diagnosed with Leukemia in December. I found out that their family was praying Psalm 126 over and over and so I wanted to make them something that represented that exact thing they were praying. Harrison got the greatest news this last week.... HE IS IN REMISSION! Praising Jesus for sure :)

 Being on a very tight budget this year for Christmas caused me to use Pinterest in a real way. After searching for just the perfect gift for all the grandparents I realized there wasnt much to choose from for grandparents who had very unique names. And after my Mom said all she wanted was something with "Cici and Pipper" on it... the decision was made.
 personalized grandparents frame made by the Cricut and myself!
 I am also big on any other way to have pictures as decor and in your home so Pinterest also inspired this idea of photo coasters. I am so thrilled with how they all turned out and I finally did a craft for myself too! These wonderful photos that Stacey took of us are now all throughout our home and used daily as coasters!
 I ended up making about 10 sets.... and the grandparents LOVED them! Another point for Pinterest!
 I was on the lookout for yet another personalized gift to give and ran across some ornaments. These were so fun to decorate!

 This one is difficult to tell because of all the BLING but it says "She said YES!" for my brother and his fiance :)
Last but not least, this frame really ended up being my favorite thing yet. Cant wait to make many more of these!!

I am happy to take orders! Please email me at lgriffi2@gmail.com

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