Happy 30th birthday my love!

JR, Wishing you a Happy 30th birthday today and so blessed by your life in so many ways. I would have never imagined when I met you over 16 years ago that God would give us so many incredible blessings in our life together. Even when we were dating or when I said, "I do," I truly had NO idea! God has used your life in a powerful way these last 30 years. To watch you follow Him with all that you are and now dedicating your life to see others know the truth of His gospel is such a beautiful thing. To see the way that you love me as your bride, with all my blemishes, with a love that is greater than I have ever known on this earth. To look at the way you look at your two boys and make the comment, "I LOVE being a Daddy... its my hobby!"  To see how determined you are to make your life count for Jesus, no matter the cost. To watch you wake up before any of us to have time to be intentional for our family as the leader of our home. To see you comfortable in your own skin, all of your Papaw ways and all! To hear you say you truly want to be my best friend. To watch you wrestle in the floor with our boys and in the same second give them more hugs and kisses than they can handle. To see the way you love your friends and minister in whatever way you can to those around you because you simple want them to love Jesus.  To hear your determination to make your next 30 years count for Jesus. To be able to be your partner through this incredible life on earth. To know without a doubt that you will finish well. For all of these things and so much more... I am truly blessed to be your bride!

Happy birthday to the most incredibly awesome man I know... I love you :)

To continue the theme of 30... here are 30 of my favorite pictures of your life through the last 30 years:

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