Mamaw and Frank visit!

 We were so excited to have Mamaw and Frank come and spend a few days with us! The boys love having them here and the first thing Griffin said every morning is, "I want to see MEMAW and FRANK!" They were so sweet to take us to lunch Sunday after church and we enjoyed a beautiful day!
 Mommy and Carter
 Silly G and Daddy
 My sweet family
 Griffin wanted to give them a tour of his classroom when we went back to church that night. I was thankful to have someone help tote along my chubby one!
 We also went to visit the pumpkin patch together and had yet another beautiful day!!
 I have quickly learned how difficult it is to get TWO to look at the camera ha!
 This was the summary of our time in the cornpit... Griffin relaxing while Carter tried to eat it!!
 Griffin the tractor driver
 Carter enjoying the bumpy ride

We had a great time... thank you for spoiling us!!!

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