Halloween 2011

 This was the first year Griffin really understood what trick or treating was, or at least supposed to be. He was thrilled to be able to dress up like a puppy dog because he is very obsessed with them these days. He had been practicing his bark and ask for at least 3 days beforehand when he got to go and get candy.
 I mean look.. he even has a cute tail! Well.... about 4pm it began to rain. And rain, and rain more. It didnt stop or look as if it was going to let up and I just didnt have the heart to tell Griffin that we were just staying home. PLUS its Carter's FIRST Halloween!
 SO we drove for about an hour in traffic to go to the mall because we heard they were giving out candy and knew we wouldnt get wet there.
 Unfortunately every one else in Durham got the same memo. IT. Was. a. MADHOUSE! I'm talking lines for 10 minutes between the stores to get the candy, if they even had any left.
 Tigger remained all smiles though and we were thankful of course he had no idea anything was not going as well as it could ha!
 These two cuties were great sports and we were so thankful if it had to rain any year it was this one.
 Griff got about 10 whole pieces of candy after all the madness!
 He was too precious when we were leaving and said, "Trick or treating was so fun! I've got enough candy now, we can go home!"
 I, however, was bummed because I knew in my heart it was a big FLOP! We were so thankful to be invited over to the Green's house to celebrate some more. Griffin got to see his friend Isaac.
 Carter smiled and cooed with one of his girlfriends, Jayden!
 Carter thought, "This Halloween thing is fun! I get to stay up past my bedtime!!"
 me and the sweet Tigger boy
 G and his "gurlfrieeeend!"
We are so incredibly grateful for our adopted family here in NC! I told JR driving home that spending time with those you love really makes any holiday. Love our sweet memories with our boys!

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