The Isham's take on the fair

 This was our first year to take on the NC State fair as a family of FOUR and we had a blast. We went on a Friday to be able to spend the majority of the day there and we savored all 6 hours we were there!
 Griffin LOVED it this year and was squealing with excitement from the moment we parked the car. Of course all he talked about was riding rides and enjoyed the monster trucks with Mommy first.
 Carter could have cared less about anything, as long as he was getting fed! Big brother gave him a snack of puffs as we were strolling along.
 Another favorite ride for G was the swings!
 And a FIRST for Griffin... riding his first ride ALL by himself. He did so well on the choo choo!
 Carter again just enjoyed the ride in the stroller and did very well despite all the noise and smells.
 As I said, as long as he is fed he is usually happy
 Another FIRST.... Griffin's first ROLLERCOASTER! He did awesome and was so brave, holding up his hands and squealing with delight!
 Thumbs up for a fun first rollercoaster and a brave little boy!
 Griffin did remember feeding the animals from last year and it was another request this year!
 Food is always a major deal at the fair for everyone. This year I could NOT decide what to eat. With the 100's of smells everywhere and it all seeming to mix together I finally settled on a Philly Steak and Cheese... and it did NOT disappoint!
 Griffin asked for some, "MEAT!"

 After a demonstration from Daddy he got himself a big ole bite!
 Carter happy to be in Mommy's arms
 For dessert and to end the night we had some delicious NC state homemade ice cream that we all shared.
I love making sweet memories with our family.. another fun year at the FAIR!

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Tara said...

We love the fair too! Looks like ya'll had a great time!