Its so hard to say goodbye!

We have been blessed with an amazing family as our closest friends these past 5 years and we are so sad to say goodbye! Jay, Christina, Maisy, Lily and Isaac will be heading to Missouri next week where Jay will begin his job as a professor in the Fall. We are so happy for them, as Jay worked so hard to get many degrees for this kind of job but are so sad to see them go!

The Todds were the family we shared our first Thanksgiving with.... and we didnt even know them ha! I would have never dreamed after that day that we would continue to share so many others memories together.

These two werent even thought of when we first met and now they are bestest buddies! Griffin asks all the time where Isaac is... he loves playing with him! And rightfully so.. he is the one who teaches him how to play like a boy- guns, running and jumping, playing ball and getting in the dirt :)

These two girls hold a very special place in my heart too! Lily was not even 1 when we met and Maisy 2... and now look how big they are! They are as sweet as they can be and I have loved going to every birthday party and watching them grow up!

I can always count on a big hug, a smile and a sweet compliment out of the most well-mannered sisters I know. Maisy, the little mom, and Lily, the sweetest little girl ever!

I've loved having our kids grow up together!

and be silly together too of course :)

Sadly enough, I erased the one picture I got of Christina and I but I cant go without saying what an amazing friend she has been to me! The one I called for advice on following Christ, marriage, pregnancy, family, babies, cooking, cleaning, nursing and so much more. She was my mentor and biggest encourager in my walk with Jesus, and most of the time by not even saying a word. I have a laughed with her more times than I can count. We have traded off keeping each other's kids for time away for date nights. Heck I have even stayed at her house for 3 days with her kids while she went away ha! We have had some great trips to the mall and Mimi's cafe. And most of all we have become "family."

I love you Christina!!! And thank God for your friendship. You have taught me so much of what it means to be a follower of Christ, wife, mother and friend. I am grateful for facebook and cell phones because I know this isnt the end to our friendship but its so hard knowing I cant just come have a play date next week! We will for sure be vacationing in MO soon :)

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Christina Todd said...

Wow, thanks for your super sweet comments. You mean the world to me! What a good day I picked to come read your blog, you brightened my long day :) Love ya, ct