Celebrating Father's Day

We had a pretty low key Father's Day weekend, but were thankful to get to celebrate ALL weekend! Friday we took the boys to the Marbles Museum in downtown Raleigh. We had heard a lot about it and it was a lot of fun!

Uncle Phil joined us and helped keep Carter company! I am so thankful Carter is doing better in the stroller and didnt have to be held the whole time :)

Griffin got to do a lot of pretend play. He made Daddy some dinner!

learned how to play hockey

being the goalie

surfing with Uncle Phil

being silly with Daddy

working in the workshop

and on a pirate ship!

We came back and had naps and then let Daddy open his presents. A card and coffee mug (his request) from the boys and a new outfit from his better half :)

We had 2 showings on Saturday to get the house ready for so it was nice to relax at a cookout with friends that night.

Sunday after church we did more napping (hey we like our sleep around here) and enjoyed doing nothing the rest of the day. Daddy just wanted to "hangout" with his boys.. and thats what we did! Carter gave him lots of smiles.

Watching golf with G. He looks up to his Daddy SO much and hangs on every word that he says.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! You are our hero and we love you so so so much!

I honestly couldnt ask for a better partner to go down this journey of parenting with. To say that Griffin looks up to his Daddy is an understatement! He wants to do anything his Daddy does, asks about him every morning as soon as he wakes up and his favorite part of the day is when Daddy walks through the door. I love watching how much he loves his Daddy and I can only hope they both grow up to be just like him! I am most thankful that JR points them both to their heavenly Father in all things and Griffin already talks about Jesus all the time simply because his Daddy does.

So grateful for a wonderful husband, teammate and friend!!

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