Growing boys

How funny is this picture?!? Holy cow.. JR and I couldnt stop laughing. This was taken last Sunday in JR's office between church services. We were just killing time and Griffin always loves to play with the VBS hats from last year. Well he decided this time that little brother needed to wear one too. And yes he was naked because I was in the process of changing his clothes.


Mr. Carter is now 4 months old. What?!? Well I must admit... it has actually been a LONG 4 months ha. I wouldnt change it for the world, however having 2 kids is the REAL deal :)

Carter is now getting more settled in to this world. Laughing and cooing. And still eating like a champ! Crazy to me how much he has changed since his first month.

And because big bro Griffin couldnt stand not having the camera on him, he decided to go and get his "Sojo" and take a picture with Carter :)

Mr. Griffin is now 26 months old and I look at him every day and ask, "How did you get so big?!?"

I will admit that trying to keep 3 different blogs updated is rather challenging with 2 crazy kiddos... so please go and check out their personal blogs because I do so much better for them :)

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