Celebrating our Risen Savior!

We had a wonderful Easter! We do our best to celebrate that Jesus has risen every single day because that reason alone is why we now have life... oh how wonderful! It is great to have a "holiday" to celebrate it as well and make us all take the time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being on staff at Bethesda today! I remember this time last Easter I was so nervous for "the vote!" Oh what a year it has been :)

Easter also marks the start of Spring in my eyes... and a GREAT excuse to dress up for church. My mom found the MOST adorable outfit for Griffin... I couldnt get over how cute he looked! And I really hate that I didnt get more pictures of him in it in the rush to get to church and then the chaos of the rest of the day... BUT we will be taking him to get pictures made in it for sure. This outfit is in my eyes the best thing he has ever worn... hands down :)

And our other adorable cutie in another sweet outfit Cici got!

Carter in his casual Easter outfit... still looking handsome on his first Easter!

God continued to show favor to us on this Easter, allowing us to have our first family vacation. A couple at our church that we are very close to allowed us to go and stay in their beach house for a few days.. FOR FREE! AND on top of that gave us their car to drive down because ours is still being worked on. An absolute blessing and the most generous act of kindness ever shown to us!

We loved having our toes in the sand... more on that in another post to come :)

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