Mimi and Potts came to visit.. and to SPOIL Griffin!

We were so excited to have Mimi and Potts come and visit us this past weekend. It was Mimi's birthday on Saturday so we celebrated when they got in town with dinner and a birthday cake! They immediately went to spoiling Griffin.. imagine that :)

They read him his bedtime stories and also rocked him to sleep every night

Mimi is full of laughter and it was so sweet because everytime she laughed Griffin would just look at her and laugh back ha!

Griffin thought Potts was the greatest too. They had so much fun together and I loved watching it :)

We went to Babies R Us and Griffin was SO spoiled. I am not sure who loved it more though, those that got spoiled or those that were doing the spoiling :)

Here is the toy that Griffin got. We were looking for stuff for Christmas but he loved this driving toy so much that Mimi just couldnt make him put it back on the shelf.

Potts loved his snuggle time!

We went to the pumpkin patch together too!

Thank you for the visit and please come back soon!
We love you!!!