Saying Dada and Crawling!

Gosh I have definitely neglected this blog while trying to stay updated on Griffin's! Sorry about that ha! Make sure you check his out because it is actually the more updated one http://www.griffinjonah.blogspot.com/

In the mean time I just wanted to update on our growing boy! He is 7 1/2 months old and growing like a weed. Im guessing he weighs about 19-20 lbs. He is quite the stinker these days, ALL over the place scooting around and being a blabber mouth too! He eats 3 meals a day like a champ. His favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes. He loves to play with his toys and most of all say "Dadadadada". Granted he has no idea what he is saying, this has been a new thing to hear around the house this last week.

He keeps us entertained that is for sure! Hope the blogging world is doing well and again catch us on Griffin's blog. I honestly doubt anyone still checks this one I have been so awful :)


Anonymous said...

Griffin and Emmy both have that cute "gummy" grin! Diana

Anonymous said...

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