Griffin's first experience of Good ole Rocky Top!

We had a wonderful trip back to Tennessee last weekend! It was very special because we got to take Griffin onto UT's campus for the first time so he could experience gameday at a tailgate in big orange country. We had tons of college friends join us and so he was able to meet them too! It was a very long day Saturday as we went to tailgate at 12:30 and then the game wasnt until 7:45. It was slightly chilly and the wind was crazy, but Griffin was such a trooper!!! Cici and Pipper came up to tailgate with us and they took Griffin back home with them so JR and I could go to the game. I dont know who was more excited, us being able to go to our first game in 2 years, or them because it was their first time watching him :) As you can see in some of the first pictures, VDiddy was trying to tell Grififn to cheer for Auburn instead, and he would have been better off since they did win. Oh well.. we still had a blast!!!

Sunday we had another big day of visiting family. Griffin has grown so much since the last time we were in 2 months ago in August. He also has so many new tricks to show off ha! Sitting up, playing with toys, babbling, eating cereal, swinging, and just being Mr. Personality! It was so great to see him interact with everyone.

We were lucky enough to make it a little longer weekend and didnt have to go back until Monday. We spent the afternoon waiting to see if our neice Olivia was going to come but sadly she decided she needed to wait. We did get to let Tristan and Griffin play together though. It was really the first time they could really interact since Griffin was never really old enough before. Tristan is so sweet to him, always wanting to hug and kiss him. One funny thing was he was trying to throw the ball with Griffin and accidentally threw it right at Griffin's head ha! Oh boys :)

We cant wait to go back again for Thanksgiving! Who knows what fun things Griffin will be doing by then!!! With so many pictures I decided to just do a montage so ENJOY!!

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