Starting the new year!




We are settling into our new home and beginning the new year with healthy rhythms. I don’t necessarily like to make new years resolutions because I feel like those are so easily broken. However, this year of 2014, I am vowing to make better habits out of our every day living. More time outside, reading books, playing with friends, playing games, less time watching TV and more of a simple way of living and enjoying each day. Everyday there will be a house to clean, dishes and laundry to do, but one day not too far away I will not have 3 small children anymore and so I am soaking up every moment that I can with them and making as many memories as I can along the way.

I am of course still cleaning our house, in fact I have implemented a new cleaning plan. Instead of having my cleaning day crazy and trying to do everything at once, I am spreading it out all throughout the week and knocking out a little bit each day.

Wanting to feel healthier and have more energy, I am not saying I wont eat this or that but simply keeping track of what is going into my mouth with the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. Man its crazy to see how quickly calories add up! And I am also making a serious effort to do something active every day, where it is walking to the park, playing with the boys outside or even sweating with the WII!

I am so blessed by this life that I have been given and I am following through each and every day to embrace the little things and enjoy the moment!

Wishing all of you a Happy 2014!

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