Praying for the Mondays

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I post today. Last night we attended the funeral of this father and husband.  John Monday was diagnosed with H1N1 and double pneumonia two weeks ago and lost his battle at 32. Its truly unfathomable to understand and yet as I watched Julie last night, the greater truth is that God is good.

This family LOVES Jesus and I can honestly say Julie is now living out what she knows to be true. We live in a broken world where death is a reality but oh how wonderful it is for those who trust in Jesus that they can spend eternity with Him. The service last night pointed to just that.... and it was a honor to witness. I couldn't help but leave thinking that I hope one day those words are being said about me. That I loved and served Jesus with all that I am. Because in the end... nothing else truly matters!

If you would please join me in praying for Julie and their two young sons, Jackson and Jude. I also challenge you to give to their fund below. Every little bit helps and will assist Julie as she gets back on her feet and begins her new normal as a single mom of two.


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