Instagram Photo Update

 I no doubt have an obsession with my instagram app on my phone and love snapping pictures of the boys. Here are some of our recents to update you with.

First of all Carter is full-time walking now and so proud of himself!

 The boys also received this new horse to ride on from a sweet lady at church and I cant help but laugh at the looks on their faces in this picture!
 Carter has become Mr. Personality lately and is especially happy after his afternoon nap. What a smiley and silly boys he is!
 The weather has been amazing this week so Griffin and I took advantage while Carter was napping and soaked up the sun one afternoon. He of course is all about punting, as usual!
 We also enjoyed a family night at the park. I sure love these three boys!
 Uncle Phil and his girlfriend Kelly joined us as well. And check out our strong boy Carter, who held himself on the monkey bars for 15 seconds!!
 We were invited to join Avery and her Mommy to the Kids Museum on another beautiful day this week. These three had a ball seeing all the animals and playing outside.
 There is no doubt that my two boys are in love with these two! Every Sunday when they see them at church, Griffin runs up to Uncle Phil and Carter starts smiling and clapping to Kelly. So sweet :)
Griffin has become interested in learning how to write his name. Today we practiced tracing and he actually did pretty well. I'm so thankful he loves to learn!

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