God is Providing!

Friends and Family! We serve an AWESOME God! We just received our updated financial support and are completely blown away! In just 4 weeks, God has provided us with $10,000!

Did you catch that?!?! $10,000
Thats half of our goal of $20,000

And do you want to hear the craziest part of all? We have had 18 families partner with us to support us financially! Eighteeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Oh God you are OH SO GOOD!

We are asking that if anyone else would like to partner with us please do so by going to www.onelifeknox.com/jr. And hopefully sooner than later! We still need $10,000 to get to our $30,000 budget. We are ready to concentrate on the ministry that has been set before us and know that our budget is taken care of.

You may say, "Lindsey, I cant give very much!" And thats totally okay! Do you know that if you can  sacrifice $10/month it would help our ministry TREMENDOUSLY! Maybe you just can do a one-time gift of $10.... that's AWESOME!

We pray that you will join in with us as we watch God do a mighty work!

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