Love is in the air!!

This weekend was filled with lots of LOVE! I went to Miss Lindsey Kollar's wedding shower Saturday afternoon and loved seeing her beautiful bride glow! Cant wait for the wedding at the end of August!!

Saturday night we went to an engagement party for Stacey and Jacob. These two are extra special to us because he is our pastor/JR's teammate in crime/one of our best friends from SEBTS. We have also fallen in love with Stacey over the last 6 months they have dated and couldnt be more excited that they are now getting married!!!

He did such a great job on the ring and at this point was very happy she had it and that there was no more secrets :)

Bethesda girls

And last but not least.... Miss Faith came over to play and I ended up catching them doing THIS! Griffin is definitely a lover and has been known to lay one on people but I will have to say this one was ALL her :)
How cute!

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