Way to go Daddy!!!

This weekend we traveled for JR's MS Bike Ride. He had heard about the ride in New Bern from a friend and decided that he wanted to form a team for someone very special to us who has MS. The team name was "Riding for Mimi" :)

JR has really come to love the sport of biking but has never had the chance to challenge himself for a century ride (100 miles). He got support from a great friend Micah who decided to do it with him and the rest is history!

Best buds having the time of their life... well especially since they can see the finish line!! They started at 8am and finished at 3pm. I am so proud of them!!!

The century riders themselves! Tired but so glad its over :)

We came back after the ride and watched our Vols. Sad they lost of course but still wearing our orange proudly!

JR giving Griffin his first lesson on the bike.

We went with our friends the Grahams and the Edwards. Here are all the girls and their baby boys on Friday. We came early while the daddys were working so we could shop on Friday!

Griffin with his buddy Jonathan David

Sunday afternoon we had a beautiful day to explore Beaufort. It is such a quaint little town and we enjoyed sitting by the water and seeing all of the boats come in. We were lucky enough to have some friends of friends who have a boat there take us out on it! It was our first time in a fishing boat in the ocean... for ALL the Ishams :)

Our little Sailor boy ready for a boat ride!!

Mr. Adorable in his shades

family picture on the boat ride


The White Family said...

He is absolutely precious!!! Glad you guys are doing well!

The Greene Family said...

seriously I don't think Griffin could be any cuter. I think he is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!

Lindsey Doby said...

Lindsey you look great! i hope i do half as well as you did bouncing back from a baby! Griffin is cute as can be - he is more adorable every time I see pics of him.

Anonymous said...