30 day shred

As a new mom I have found that I love love love everything about being a mom except one thing- the mom body! I swear its so frustrating when I step on the scale and see a weight I havent seen since high school and yet when I look in the mirror I cant help but notice that I have a kangaroo pouch AND my body just isnt the same ha!

Well I have heard of several other new moms trying the 30 day shred and being very pleased so I have decided to give it a whirl! Day 1 has officially been completed so wish me luck on the next 29 :)


Lance and Cindy said...

I just bought the DVD too! Good Luck to us both!!!

I hear ya about the C-section Kangaroo pouch. Yikes.

Jenny Cordero said...

Good Luck girly! I feel you! LOVE being a mom... don't really like the mom body...hahaha. Work it girl!

Christina said...

I guess I am the odd ball, I am smaller after having 3 kids! :) I still need toning though, but I have never been good at that before or after kids.

Anonymous said...