Today marks the first day of class for our last semester and I cant tell you how excited we are here in the Isham household! It is very surreal that we have been here 3 years already because it has gone by so fast. JR has worked so hard, even when the last thing he wanted to do was open a book to read or study for an exam, and I am so proud of him!!! It has been a running thing since this summer that when school is taking up some of our family time all we have to say is "12-18-09" and it seems to make it easier to push through. Griffin and I are ready to have him back all to ourselves... which will be weird because I guess we never really had him as a non-student. He has been in school ever since we got married and ever since Griffin has been born :)

Now I am sure you want to know what will be next for the Isham's once January comes... and I really wish I could tell you but we have no idea! Right now we are just trying to ask God for His wisdom to show us where He wants us next so that we can best serve Him. Best case scenario for us would be to get back closer to our family, however, we know that He knows what is best for us. If you know of any ministry positions available in your area we are open to pray about them so please pass them along!

And I cant go without saying that I truly have LOVED our time here at seminary. Although I will be glad when JR doesnt have to spend all of his time with his nose in a book, I am sure I will truly be sad to have to say goodbye to this wonderful seminary community we have become a part of and the many friendships that we have made along the way!

Please pray for our family as we seek His will for our next step. And continue to pray for JR as he pushes through one last semester. 12-18-09, 12-18-09, 12-18-09 :)