“Wow, you sure have your hands full!”


Its almost a guarantee every time I go out into public. People seriously stop me to say, “Wow, your hands sure are full!” Inside I want to say to them, “well yes thank you for the obvious!” But usually I say in return, “and I am so thankful!” I will have to say the biggest transition from 2-3 kids so far has been the stares and comments from other people. I’m sure most of them think I am completely crazy for having 3 kids 4 and under, and of course I do not care. It just is so funny to me that we are now like an act at a show or something and I wish I could charge admission ha!

For example, today we stopped by target to get little sister some medicine for her first cold. I had her in her car seat in the buggy and then the boys sat together in one of the large carts that has the extra seats attached. I guess anyone who pushes that cart around immediately has a big target on them (no pun intended!) Anyways, Lexi wakes up and starts whimpering a bit and immediately the boys jump up and start talking to her saying, “Its okay, Lexi. We are just at Target. There is nothing to be crying about.” And then Griffin breaks into his own song, “You are beautiful, my sweet girl, you are beautiful to me!” Gracious day it wasn’t 2 seconds before I look up and 5 ladies are surrounding our cart. “Oh they are so beautiful. How sweet is that big brother.” And of course, you guessed it, “Boy you have your hands full, but oh they are precious!” Thanks for adding that one in lady. Yes I know they are precious, they're my kids after all!

So even though there are times where I wish we didn’t get quite so many stares, or I’m beginning to think I should just wear a sign around my neck, “Yes I chose to have 3 kids this close in age, believe it or not!” I truly wouldn’t change it for the world! I know its not the norm these days for someone who is 30 to stay at home with small children, and three at that, but I honestly LOVE it. All I can remember thinking when I was little was that I wanted to be a Mommy, and now although yes there are hard days and moments where all I can do is scream, I am living that dream!

Call me crazy, stare all you want, I am a Mommy that has her hands very full and I am so thankful for it Smile

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Watch our family grow said...

AMEN SISTER!!!! right there with ya.....except add in that all three of mine are red heads! "Ohh where did they get that red hair?!" I want to look at them and say oh they just rolled around in the mud for a while! LOL Still wouldn't want to do anything else right now in my life!