I kissed sleeping good-bye

Have yall ever heard of the book "I kissed dating good-bye"? Yes well I'm thinking of writing "I kissed sleeping good-bye." And yes I know, I know, I have a newborn and should expect less sleep.  My 6 week old is surprisingly doing 5-6 hour stretches and is only up once at night. She eats and goes right back to sleep then is up for her day between 8-9am. Yea well the added factor to the no sleep is our stinker.  I kid you not, 5:59am, 6:03am, and 6:00am the last 3 mornings I hear his door slam. Not only does he get out of bed but has to slam the door and wake up his brother too. Oh mercy! Poor Griffin always comes stumbling out rubbing his eyes and saying, "Carter, why did you wake me up?!"

So here I sit on Saturday morning watching cartoons with all 3 on the couch. He also cried so loud this morning that he woke up Lexi.

But as much as I do love sleep, and I mean I could sleep 12 hrs a day easy,  I do love these Saturday morning snuggles even more.  And I try and remember that one day they'll be sleeping all day and too cool for mommy so I'll soak it up while I can!

Anyone else have early risers? Suggest any solutions?

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