What made 2011 so special?

welcoming our 2nd son
becoming a family of 4

celebrating Diddy's 50th birthday
Griffin turning 2
taking the boys to the beach
being in Jacob and Stacey's wedding
buying a minivan

 Griffin became a fisherman
4th of July at White Lake
 seeing all my best college friends!

moving to Durham

 throwing Mimi and Potts a 50th anniversary party

 10 year high school reunion

our 5th anniversary in Pigeon Forge

 dressing up these two cuties for Halloween
 Thanksgiving at the Wilderness Lodge
 watching my best friends become Moms too!

church league softball with our friends

 being in Tennessee for Christmas
 watching the boys get spoiled by their grandparents

having these two precious boys in our life!!!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us so much this year!!

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